Idea Generation Workshops

Overview: Idea Generation Workshops

In line with ANZUP’s strategic plan to promote and encourage members to bring new concepts forward for idea development, we hold Idea Generation Workshops.

The workshops are designed to facilitate and support those members who actively contribute in our teleconferences and across our research activities who have an idea they would like to put forward for discussion and, if supported, to further develop into a future grant application.

We also encourage our emerging research, trainee and recent graduate members to attend the workshop(s) as an educational opportunity, even if you are not presenting an idea yourself.

Workshop dates for 2023

  • Prostate – Friday 17 March
  • Renal Cell – Friday 31 March, concept submission deadline: Mon 20 March 
  • Translational – Friday 14 April, concept submission deadline: Mon 3 April
  • Quality of Life and Supportive Care  Friday 5 May,  concept submission deadline: Mon 24 April
  • BUP – Wednesday 10 May, concept submission deadline: Fri 28 April

Developing a submission

An overview of idea development is given in the documents below:

Overview of ANZUP Concepts for Idea Development

A Guide to ANZUP Ideas Generation Development

How to submit an idea

If you have an idea you would like to submit:

  1. Complete the ANZUP Ideas Generation Outline Submission Form
  2. Prepare 3-5 slides summarising your submission, using the powerpoint slide template
  3. Send your submission form and slides to by the deadline dates given for each workshop.