About Below The Belt

ANZUP exists to improve outcomes for people affected by below the belt cancers. We do this by performing clinical trials to generate the evidence which can make a difference to the lives of people affected by below the belt cancers.

Clinical trials are expensive, difficult and time-consuming and each of ANZUP’s clinical trials requires specific funding. Our goal is to one day be as independent as possible from the uncertainties of grant funding. This would allow us to initiate and even complete trials using our own resources. As a first step to achieving this independence and seeding new projects, the Below the Belt Research Fund was established in 2015. Funding to support this program is raised through Below the Belt events.

Below the Belt events allows the general community to support ANZUP in many ways. It could be at one of the Below the Belt Pedalthons or the #YourWay Challenge, where many people participate annually, or even through individually and workplace organised events.


All funds raised through Below the Belt events go directly to ANZUP’s Below the Belt Research Fund, making a difference to the lives of people affected by below the belt (bladder, kidney, testicular, penile and prostate) cancers.

Our Below the Belt Research Fund has helped our clinicians kick start new trial ideas. To date, seed funding has been awarded to many ANZUP members to help gather the evidence needed to develop full scale clinical research studies.

Previous successful trial ideas include:

  • pathways to assist informed decision making;
  • a pilot of personalised hormone treatment for men with prostate cancer;
  • assessing the potential benefit in reducing recurrence of bladder cancer by irrigation with water after the cancer has been removed; and
  • an app for patients to record their symptoms in real time for review at their clinic visits; to name a few.

You can help ANZUP conduct future below the belt cancer research by participating in a Below the Belt event today.