ANZUP Study Coordinator Scholarships


ANZUP is keen to encourage and support our Trial/Study Coordinators working on ANZUP trials to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting. ANZUP is offering successful applicants a full registration to attend the conference.

Applications for 2023 are now closed.

 the scholarship entitles Study Coordinators to full conference registration. The scholarship excludes cost of travel and incidentals.  The Study Coordinators chosen for the Scholarship will need to gain permission to attend from their appropriate management. 

Congratulations to the 2022 Trial/Study Coordinator Scholarship Recipients:

Helen Bapty
Ashley Baring
Jasmine Brady
Deborah Chang
Michelle Cybulski
Jennifer Edmunds
Kate Fluck
Michelle Forgione
Linda Garrett
Soeren Geese

Cynthia Hawks
Rhonda Huynh
Stephanie Kaladis
Jayne Lim
Jennifer McFarlene
Shendar Mendoza
Linsey Miller Forbes
Ann Nguyen
Megan O’Brien
Sophie O’Haire

Jennifer Peterson
Joanne Phan
Emily Prain
Wendy Pritchard
Cindy Ren
Kate Sinn
Ella Stack
Alessandra Tomaselli
Daisy Yu