Noel Castan Fellowship


The Noel Castan Fellowship was established by Anita Castan, in memory of her husband, who passed away from cancer two decades ago.

“I understand the value of supporting clinical trials and take this opportunity to congratulate ANZUP on its many successes to date and its collaborative approach.”

ANZUP was delighted to launch the Noel Castan Fellowship at the 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) in Brisbane.

The aim of the Noel Castan Fellowship is to build ANZUP’s research capacity and increase the translation of information collected from our trials, which will contribute to better understanding of how to optimise patient care.

The Noel Castan Fellowship was awarded to ANZUP members: Hui-Ming Lin and Kath Schubach.

Image L-R: ANZUP Board Member Linda Martin, ANZUP CEO Margaret McJannett, ANZUP Chair Ian Davis & Anita Castan

 ‘Bioinformatics’ project is an analysis of the lipidomic and cytokine profiles from ANZUP’s ENZAMET study, which may identify novel biomarkers from the enzalutamide response, and provide new therapeutic targets to overcome enzalutamide resistance to improve the outcome of prostate cancer patients.

Kath Schubach’s ‘Quality of Life’ project will develop new questions in trials, using existing data innovatively enhancing and facilitating collaboration and thereby drawing attention and meaning to ‘the patient experience’ and aligning with the mission of ANZUP’s clinical research to improve outcomes.