Clinical Trials Overview

Since 2008 ANZUP has led and been involved in many genitourinary clinical trials, both nationally and internationally. Clinical trials help generate evidence that will inform practice and move the entire field forward. We bring together clinicians, researchers and the broader community; anyone involved in the care of, or research into, genitourinary cancers.

ANZUP works towards its goals by undertaking clinical trials in genitourinary cancers to test better ways of helping people. This might be through new drugs or treatments, adapting old approaches or combining various cancer treatments. Clinical trials are the only reason your healthcare team can tell you, with any confidence, what might be the best approach for your treatment and care.

Clinical trials are necessary to find out if new treatments are more effective, safe and if they should become the gold standard treatment of the future.

Without people participating in clinical trials, ground-breaking treatments and devices would never make it to market. More awareness is needed as only a small percentage of eligible people take part in clinical trials. In addition, if you take part in a randomised trial you may receive a treatment that is better than standard care and you are often more closely monitored than under routine care outside of the trial setting.

If you would like to participate in a below the belt – bladder, kidney, prostate, penile or testicular- cancer clinical trial, you should discuss this with your doctor.

Ask your doctor if you are eligible to participate in an ANZUP clinical trial and help our researchers improve treatments and outcomes for all patients.

We have clinical trials in various stages of progress: open to patient recruitment, in follow up and completed trials.

Learn more about our trials and those currently accepting patients.

Trials are usually run through hospitals and other health service providers and are called ‘participating centres’.

ANZUP trials are undertaken at many different participating centres in Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

Here is an overview of the ANZUP clinical trials participating centres.