The ANZUP office is a small team who work closely with the multi-disciplinary membership, both nationally and internationally. All staff are focussed on supporting the research and fundraising activities of ANZUP, raising awareness of prostate, bladder, penile, kidney and testicular cancer, as well as the need for better treatments and outcomes for patients with these cancer types.


Margaret McJannett
Chief Executive Officer

Margaret's background is in oncology nursing. She has worked as a clinical nurse consultant at The Sydney Melanoma Unit, research coordinator in the Medical Psychology Research Unit, Sydney University and project officer at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Brisbane. She was the EO of the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia (COSA) and Cancer Council Australia before joining ANZUP. She has facilitated and contributed to COSA's and CCA's expert committees, the national Cancer Co-operative Clinical Trials Groups and COSA's collaborative role with key stakeholders.


Nicole Tankard
Internal Communications & Media Manager

Nicole has over 15 years’ communications experience, and has worked across a range of industries including financial services, professional services, telecommunications and energy.
Nicole holds a Bachelor Degree in Communications majoring in Public Relations and Marketing and joined ANZUP in 2019.


Lucy Byers
Marketing & External Communications Manager

Lucy is a marketing and communications professional with over 18 years’ experience, who has worked in a diverse range of organisations, in strategic and operational positions. Lucy joined ANZUP as Marketing and Communications Manager in May 2016, and in that time has developed the marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and engagement for the organisation. Lucy works in all areas to achieve this including marketing planning and strategy, digital activities, campaigns, events, sponsorship, partnerships, communications, publications and branding. Lucy holds a BA Communications and Advanced Diploma in Business and Marketing.


Alice Clarke
Communications and Events Assistant

Alice has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Communication majoring in Social and Political Science at the University of Technology Sydney. Since graduating in 2021, she has completed a public relations-based internship that sparked her passion for working across the collaborative processes of event development and the social interactions behind organisational communication.

Alice’s desire to work within a fulfilling environment, and her dedication to research within the health field, while applying her communication skills, has landed her this rewarding role at ANZUP.


Min Liu
Content and Communications Specialist

Min has over 7 years’ experience in the media industry, which involves journalism, production, social media and digital marketing. She joined ANZUP as Content and Communications Specialist in March 2023. Min is a skilled writer and storyteller, with a knack for distilling complex ideas into compelling narratives. She is also adept at creating multimedia content, including videos, graphics and infographics, to help bring our work to life for our audiences. Min holds a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and a Master’s Degree in Digital Communication and Culture.


Liz Peetz
Database Specialist

Liz is an experienced professional in database management and membership administration, working within the not-for-profit sector for over 16 years. Prior to joining the ANZUP team in July 2021, Liz worked in membership associations, including Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA). Being experienced in CRM database management and customisation, she brings a variety of beneficial skills to ANZUP.


Tom Cusick
Clinical Trials Project Manager

Thomas has an academic background in medical sciences and research. The excitement, challenges and opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of others inspired Thomas to pursue a career in clinical trials research.

Prior to joining the ANZUP team in June 2020, he previously worked at The Garvan Institute of Medical Research, The Kinghorn Cancer Centre and the St Vincent’s Prostate Cancer Centre; where he accumulated substantial research experience managing multiple clinical trials.


Antoinette Fontela
Clinical Trials Project Manager

Antoinette has an academic background in science and has worked in the health industry for over 20 years, with the majority of that experience being in medical oncology clinical trials research. Prior to joining the ANZUP trials team in March 2022, she worked at St George Hospital, Cancer Care Centre as a Senior Trials Coordinator managing a number of clinical trials in different cancer types and phases including ANZUP sponsored trials. Antoinette wanted to continue working in oncology clinical trials and loves how ANZUP transitions concepts and ideas into clinical trials. She finds it highly rewarding knowing participants have access to clinical trials and are able to benefit from research.


Archana Nair
Clinical Trials Associate

Archana has been working in the field of clinical research for the last 12 years, with an academic background in biochemistry. Being a recipient of the New Zealand Association of Clinical Research Scholarship in 2015, she was able to achieve a certificate of proficiency in Introduction to Clinical Research and Clinical Trial Practice, Ethics and Clinical Research, and Qualitative Methods in Clinical Research, offered by Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand. Her experience in clinical trials spans across medical oncology, radiation oncology, haematology, CAR T-cell, DMD and achondroplasia clinical trials. Prior to moving to ANZUP, she worked as a clinical research team lead at the Clinical Research Centre, in The Children’s Hospital at Westmead managing a portfolio of DMD and achondroplasia clinical trials. She also worked as a Clinical Trials Start Up Officer for early phase/complex – advanced therapeutics portfolio in secondment at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.


Leslie Tinkler and Jo Stubbs

Leslie and Jo joined ANZUP as volunteers almost a decade ago. Their ongoing dedication and support to ANZUP has been vital. Their organisational skills, patience and assistance has continually helped with the successful delivery of projects and events.