Synchrony Fellowship

Synchrony Fellowship Award 2024 – Applications now open!

ANZUP is pleased to announce applications are now open for the Synchrony Fellowship Award, providing support for prostate and urogenital cancer research support driven by a defined clinical question.

The spirit of the award is to build a research project that addresses the following core elements:

  1. Investment in people. It is anticipated that a substantial proportion of the award will be utilised as salary support. The aim is to provide the funded researcher with salary to both enable the project to be completed as well as forge a longer-term academic profile in prostate cancer.
  2. Work on existing data. Recognising the two-year funding window, utilising existing data sources will be ideal. Multiple resources exist within ANZUP for such work, including secondary analyses of high impact clinical trials that can be used to inform contemporary studies and clinical practice.
  3. Capacity building. Opportunities should be taken to utilise the award to develop capacity for subsequent research. This may be in the form of building unique data or tissue repositories that have high potential to inform clinical practice, or analytic pipelines of high relevance to subsequent ANZUP researchers.

The Award is up to $250K for two (2) years. It is anticipated that this will provide salary support for the researcher as well as some direct research costs dependant on the project.

As a not-for-profit charity we require confirmation that these funds will not be used towards indirect costs, only to support research costs as itemised in the application budget.


  • PhD student or postdoctoral researcher;
  • Embedded in a research group with existing data / resources that will enable a deliverable tangible output within a two-year funding period as outlined above;
  • Demonstrable alignment with ANZUP’s trial portfolio and mission, through mentorship with an active ANZUP member;
  • Reference to at least one ANZUP study;

Application must include:

  • Research Plan (3-4 pages);
  • How your work will align to ANZUP’s Mission and Strategic Goals (max 1 page);
  • Supervisor Letter of support;
  • Abbreviated CV (max 2 pages);

Please fill out the application form, attach the above documentation and email to:


  • The application and award process will be administered by ANZUP;
  • Review applications for best alignment with ANZUP goals and priorities;
  • ANZUP will establish a review committee to review applications;
  • ANZUP will provide funds to the successful applicants institution;
  • The successful candidate would be encouraged to apply for competitive scholarship and project funding to expand this work;


  • Annual reporting to the ANZUP’s Scientific Advisory Committee – written and in person;
  • Annual written lay report provided back to donors;


Applications close 29 January 2024


Applicants must be ANZUP members to apply. If you aren’t an ANZUP member you can join for free online –

Want more information?
For further information please email:

Congratulations to Ed Kwan – winner of the 2023 Synchrony Fellowship.