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Germ Cell Cancer Subcommittee: Ben Tran and Patti Bastick


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Although the year presented several challenges, the Germ Cell Subcommittee had a highly productive year. Here’s a summary of our activities.

Trial Updates

Phase III RCT of Accelerated BEP (+Translational Sub-study)

As of 31 March 2023, 230 out of 500 patients have been recruited and a grant application has been submitted to complete recruitment.

Phase III RCT of Second Line TIP versus High Dose TI-CE (TIGER)

Recruitment for this trial has been completed internationally during the year.

Stage I and advanced testicular cancer protocols – evaluation

A draft manuscript has been prepared and sent to co-authors for review. Members will discuss whether to change surveillance recommendations following TRISST outcomes at the next Ideas Generation Workshop. The TRISST study evaluated further reducing number of surveillance CT scans required over the 5 years follow up, and the option of MRI as an alternative. In addition, the team will delve deeper into the topic of using MRI versus CT for surveillance purposes.

Post-chemotherapy surveillance protocol/Survivorship Guidelines for Testicular Cancer

This study has been completed successfully.

Exceptional response bleomycin: National Exceptional Responders program aiming to recruit unique cohorts of patients with matched clinical histories for analysis (tumour + normal genomics +)

Study findings were presented at the MOGA conference (clinical data). Currently, the genomic analysis is pending, and publication of the manuscript is anticipated in the coming year.

CLIMATE: miRNA371 protocol

As of 31 March 2023, a total of 30 patients have been recruited, with several sites open and more to open in the future.

PREPARE: Pseudoephedrine in patients with retrograde ejaculation

Part A (questionnaire) has recruited 20/50 patients. Part B (intervention) has recruited 4 patients, with another 13 identified.

PRESTIGE: HRQOL in patients undergoing Primary RPLND, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for stage 2 testicular cancer

The study has enlisted four patients thus far, and two sites are currently available for participation.

Chemo & Cognition Study (+Hypogonadism iTestis Sub-study)

The hypogonadism sub-study manuscript is being prepared and will be available in the coming year.

Review of the Australian Experience of High Dose Chemotherapy and Stem Cell Transplants for Germ Cell Tumour

The manuscript has been published.

iTestis National GCT Database and Translational Questions

Recruitment for this trial has passed 1000 patients.


The trial has concluded with success.

New Concepts

Phase III BEP follow-on – The next Poor Risk Study

This concept is currently in development.

R-RPLND: Multicentre retrospective matched case control study of open and robotic retroperitoneal lymph node dissection (RPLND) – clinical outcomes and cost effectiveness

We will discuss advancing this concept further in the new year.

Ideas Generation Workshops


The Germ Cell Ideas Generation Workshop was held on 3 March 2023, with 4 concepts presented and 31 attendees, providing an opportunity for productive discussions about ongoing studies and ideas for future research.  

Looking towards 2023, the hope is that the challenges faced in recent years will fade away, allowing for a renewed focus on current studies and progress on both the concepts and studies in the pipeline.