Our Governance

Our Mission

ANZUP’s mission is to improve the lives of people affected by bladder, kidney, testicular, penile and prostate cancers through practice-changing multidisciplinary collaborative clinical trials.

Our Objectives

We do this by:

  • bringing together clinicians, scientists and consumers to identify critical areas of unmet need that can be addressed through research in Australia and New Zealand
  • providing a collaborative forum to generate research ideas and concepts that address critical clinical questions
  • providing services and resources to support and fund research of the highest quality
  • promoting access to clinical trials for all people affected by urogenital cancers in Australia and New Zealand
  • mentoring and building the skills of future research leaders
  • securing government, industry and philanthropic funding to facilitate our independent research agenda
  • promoting our research goals and progress to improve clinical practice and change lives.

Organisational Chart


ANZUP Strategic Plan: Our Goals 2021 - 2024

Goal one: Conduct high-quality, multidisciplinary, practice-changing clinical trials in urogenital* cancers

Goal two: Maintain a portfolio of trials relevant to and accessible by all people with urogenital cancers in Australia and New Zealand

Goal three: Strengthen ANZUP’s capacity for practice-changing clinical trials

Goal four: Forward plan to maintain a vibrant and active urogenital cancer trials community

Goal five: Provide leadership in collaborative cancer clinical trials

*Kidneys, bladder, prostate, testes and penis

ANZUP Policies

ANZUP is committed to providing clear policies that guide decision-making and streamline processes. Each ANZUP policy can be found here.