Our Governance

Our Mission

The mission of the Company is to conduct clinical trial research to improve treatment of Bladder, Kidney, Testicular, Penile and Prostate Cancers.

Our Objectives

To develop, foster and promote prostate and urogenital cancer research by

  • providing access to clinical trials for all appropriate Australian and New Zealand patients
  • increasing involvement of and collaboration with various professional disciplines in clinical and preclinical research
  • providing opportunities for clinical research
  • building systems to simplify and streamline clinical research of the highest quality
  • fostering a culture of research amongst all clinicians involved in the care of patients with urogenital cancers
  • providing training opportunities for the next generation of clinical researchers
  • providing for translational studies in prostate and other urogenital cancers, including tissue banking from clinical trials for further studies

Organisational Chart


ANZUP Strategic Plan: Our Goals 2018-2020

Goal 1. Continue to build on and develop high quality cutting edge clinical trials

Goal 2. Increase awareness, participation and access to ANZUP trials

Goal 3. Strengthen and build our capacity and capability to ensure we can deliver our Strategic Plan

Goal 4. Engage, collaborate and enhance mutually beneficial relationships

Goal 5. Increase engagement of the membership

Goal 6. Broaden ANZUP’s profile in the community – locally, nationally and internationally

ANZUP Policies

ANZUP is committed to providing clear policies that guide decision-making and streamline processes. Each ANZUP policy can be found here