Bladder — In Follow-up

Opened in mid-2016, this trial is aimed at managing bladder cancer that has spread into the wall of the bladder. A combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy is the current standard treatment.

This study aims to assess if it is safe and effective to add an additional new drug called pembrolizumab to the standard therapy of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Pembrolizumab is a new treatment that “takes the brakes off” the immune system, allowing it to attack cancers more effectively. Studies of pembrolizumab in widespread bladder cancer have shown benefit, with cancer shrinkage observed in about two thirds of people, and in some cases long periods of disease control. At present, pembrolizumab, is approved for use in Australia for the treatment of advanced melanoma in adults.
If you think this trial might be right for you, please ask your doctor.
Trial Title
Pembrolizumab With Chemoradiotherapy as Treatment for Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer
Cancer Type
Trial Status
In Follow-up
Protocol Number
ANZUP 1502
Study Chair
Assoc/Prof Andrew Weickhardt
Patient Population
Non-metastatic muscle invasive bladder cancer
Recruitment Target
30 participants
Detailed Information
Further Information
Participating Centres
Chris O'Brien Lifehouse - Sydney Local Health District
Liverpool Hospital - South Western Sydney Local Health District
Prince of Wales Hospital - South Eastern Sydney Health District
Royal North Shore Hospital - Northern Sydney Local Health District

Austin Hospital

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital