Translational Research

What is Translational Research?

Translational research applies findings from basic science to enhance human health and well-being. 

Translational research adopts a scientific investigation/ enquiry into a given problem facing medical/health practices to surmount such problem which will helps to raise aggregate health performance. In a medical research context, it aims to "translate" findings in fundamental research into medical practice and meaningful health outcomes. 

Translational research implements a "bench-to-bedside", from laboratory experiments through clinical trials to point-of-care patient applications, model, harnessing knowledge from basic sciences to produce new drugs, devices, and treatment options for patients. The end point of translational research is the production of a promising new treatment that can be used with practical applications, that can then be used clinically or are able to be commercialised.

Patients who participate in ANZUP trials are asked to consent to the collection of blood and tissue samples which would be used to conduct laboratory research for these and other studies in Australia and/or overseas.

Biospecimen collection for ANZUP's ENZAMET and ENZARAD trials

People who participated in ENZAMET (ANZUP 1304) and ENZARAD (ANZUP 1303) trials were asked to consent to the collection of blood and tissue samples for the purpose of laboratory research. This will help us understand more about why some types of prostate cancer behave differently, why some people respond better than others to treatment, and to help us work out ways to do better in the future. 

Over 100,000 samples have been collected around the world through the ENZAMET and ENZARAD trials, and are in the process of being transported to the biobank at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in Sydney. A comprehensive plan of research for these samples has been developed and will be rolled out soon.

 The Cyro Bank at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse with biospecimens from ANZUP's ENZAMET & ENZARAD Trials. 

Karena Pryce - Technical Officer Clinical Trials at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse (left) & Dr Kate Mahon - ANZUP member & Deputy Director of Medical Oncology at 

Chris O'Brien Lifehouse (right)

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