Stage 1 Testicular Cancer Surveillance Recommendations

These ANZUP recommendations have been developed by the Germ Cell Subcommittee of ANZUP, and are provided for use within Australia and New Zealand. It is recommended that all centres use standardised protocols for follow-up of Stage I testicular cancer which are based on the expected frequency, timing and pattern of disease recurrence; and minimise unnecessary radiation exposure. Other surveillance protocols which are also based on similar principles are appropriate.

These ANZUP recommendations provide a useful protocolschedule calculator and patient handout that reflects consensus opinion and aligns with published evidence-based international guidelines, and provide a standardised platform for future research.

The stage 1 testicular cancer surveillance protocol provides follow-up recommendations for both seminoma and non-seminoma testicular cancer and takes into account the administration of adjuvant chemotherapy. These recommendations do not apply following adjuvant radiotherapy.  There is a brief outline of the evidence the guidelines are based on, with references.

The patient handout has a one page introduction explaining the purpose of surveillance, and has separate pages outlining the timing of the follow-up required depending on histology and adjuvant chemotherapy.    

The schedule calculator can be used to create an individualised schedule for your patient based on the date of orchiectomy, histology and the use of adjuvant chemotherapy. This includes the timing and dates of follow up, and what investigations will occur at each time point.


These surveillance recommendations are provided as recommendations only. Neither the Germ Cell Subcommittee nor ANZUP shall be liable for any inaccuracies, or adverse outcomes that may occur as a consequence of following these recommendations.

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