Testicular Cancer Trials

This trial studies how well standard-dose combination chemotherapy works compared to high-dose combination chemotherapy and stem cell transplant in treating patients with germ cell tumours that have returned after a period of improvement or did not respond to treatment.

The purpose of this study is to determine whether giving the same dose of BEP on a 2-weekly schedule will be more effective than a 3-weekly schedule and will be well tolerated. The 2-weekly schedule is called ‘accelerated BEP’.

These recommendations are for the the follow-up of Stage I testicular cancer. They are a useful protocol, schedule calculator and patient handout that reflects consensus opinion and align with published evidence-based international guidelines.

The e-TC website provides evidence-based information and psychological strategies for coping with the challenges associated with testicular cancer. This study will evaluate the use and satisfaction with the e-TC website in men who are feeling stressed, down or worried about their cancer coming back.

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