Awards, Fellowships & Scholarships 2019

ANZUP supports and develops below the belt cancer research by increasing involvement of various professional disciplines. Where possible we secure funding to support clinical research training positions and provide opportunities for the next generation of clinical researches through access to research and trials. As well as securing funding for trials we support members and trainees to attend our ANZUP Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) to encourage each other and share ideas and share in opportunities. To be considered eligible for a scholarship you must be an ANZUP member.  

Below the Belt Research Fund
The Below the Belt Research Fund has been established to support our members in the development of investigator-initiated studies. Grants of up to $50,000 are available to successful applications.

Congratulations to Andrew Moe, Ben Tran, Carole Harris, Craig Gedye, Kate Mahon & Shomik Sengupta.

ANZUP Mundipharma Clinical Research Fellowship
Mundipharma and ANZUP Cancer Trials Group are delighted to again partner to support the 2019 Uro-Oncology Clinical Research Fellowship (CRF) valued at $60,000.  

Congratulations to Angelyn Anton!

ANZUP Astellas Young Investigator of the Year Award
The Astellas Young Investigator of the Year Award recognises an outstanding early year career researcher in prostate cancer clinical trials research with up to $10,000 to support his/her attendance at an international GU meeting and the ANZUP ASM. 

Congratulations to Angelyn Anton!

ANZUP Trial/Study Coordinator Scholarships 
ANZUP is keen to encourage and support our Trial/Study Coordinators working on ANZUP trials to attend the ASM. ANZUP is offering successful applicants a full registration to attend the conference. 

Congratulations to Alberta Abreu, Ashley Baring, Erin Cassidy, Deborah Chang, David Charman, Jennifer Edmunds, Laura Galetta, Luke Garcia, Katrina Golden, Mel Grant, Eileen Hozack, Rhonda Huynh, Kamonwan Kongrak, Taylor Major, Emma Newton, Prue Pendlebury, Wendy Pritchard, Cindy Shaw, Cara Webb, Ray Yung and Kristina Zlatic. 

ANZUP/AstraZeneca Travel Fellowships 
ANZUP is pleased to announce the 2019 ANZUP/AstraZeneca Travel Fellowships. These fellowships are aimed at supporting the attendance of ANZUP’s multidisciplinary members who have had an abstract or concept accepted for either oral or poster presentation at this year’s ANZUP ASM. 

Congratulations to Matthew Alberto, Amer Amin, Angelyn Anton, Alexander Blazevski, Elias Chandran, Wanda Cui, Samantha Koschel, Mo Li, Elizabeth Liow, Ajanthan Loganathan, Ruchira Nandurkara, Sachinka Ranasinghe, Bradley Reynolds, Handoo Rhee, Talia Scheinberg, Emma Tan, Jiasian Teh and Natalie Vear.

ANZUP Best of the Best Awards
The 2019 Best of the Best Awards are open to ANZUP members who have successfully submitted an abstract and have been selected to present an oral or poster presentation at the Annual Scientific Meeting. Awards are given based on the content, degree of innovation, significance, and quality of the presentation, and are judged by an independent panel. 
  • Best of the Best Medical Student Award - congratulations to Ruchira Nandurkar 
  • Best Tweet #ANZUP19 - congratulations to Henry Woo
  • 2019 AMGEN Best of the Best Oral Presentation Award - congratulations to Handoo Rhee
  • 2019 AMGEN Best of the Best Oral Poster Award - congratulations to Kate Mahon
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