ANZUP/PCFA Partnership Grant

The aim of the PCFA ANZUP Partnership Grant is to encourage members to consider submitting their ideas/concepts for broader feedback from a multidisciplinary panel including senior investigators, statisticians, consumers and trainees with the aim of becoming an ANZUP sponsored Protocol.  

A shortlist of applicants will be required to present their concepts. 

ANZUP encourages and supports those concepts that are: 
  • Investigator Initiated;
  • Multidisciplinary;
  • Multicentre (ie ideally across mutliple ANZUP sites (4-6 minimum);
  • Inclusive where appropriate of Quality of Life, Translational Research or Health Economic components;
  • Capable of leading to changes in practice
If you have a concept you would like to submit you will be asked to complete the attached ANZUP Concept Outline Form (and learn more about Guidelines for ANZUP Concepts here) and return it to This form is also available through the Member Resources page of the ANZUP website. 

Funding will be available to support attendance of the successful shortlisted applicants.

Updated details and dates will be added once confirmed.

If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to contact Ian Davis, Scott Williams or Margaret McJannett. 
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