2019 Prostate Cancer Masterclass


ANZUP Cancer Trials Group is pleased to announce its partnership with Astellas Oncology to host the inaugural Prostate Cancer Masterclass to be held in Boston 5-7 June, 2019 immediately following ASCO. 

The 2 ½ day Masterclass, convened by Professor Chris Sweeney, will provide a comprehensive update on current best practice, emerging clinical evidence, and recent expert opinions in prostate cancer management. 

In February applications were sought for six clinicians to attend the inaugural Prostate Cancer Masterclass. We are pleased to announce the successful applicants: Patti Bastick, Ed Kwan, Steve McCombie, Handoo Rhee, Andrew Schmidt and Alison Zhang. Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who applied.

These successful applicants will receive return airfares and accommodation to Boston to participate in the 2 ½ day Prostate Cancer Masterclass. In return they will provide a Masterclass report for publication in ANZUP’s UPdate and to Astellas Oncology and present at the Best of GU and / or regional meeting, or ANZUP MDT Masterclass.

Our thanks to Astellas Oncology for their support of the Prostate Cancer Masterclass. Also thanks to Professor Chris Sweeney for his time to prepare for and run the Masterclass, and to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston for hosting the event in June.


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