2016 ASM Interviews

Dean Bajorin

At this year’s ANZUP ASM we were privileged to have in attendance Dr. Dean Bajorin, an internationally renowned expert in urothelial cancer and medical oncologist at Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Centre. In the following interview, Dr. Bajorin speaks about a number of key clinical and research issues in urothelial cancer including optimising utilisation of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, harnessing cancer genomics to improve use of systemic therapy, the immune-oncology “revolution” and selecting patients most likely to benefit from immune checkpoint inhibitors - Arun Azad

Craig Gedye

I discussed with Dr Craig Gedye, a medical oncologist at the Calvary Mater Newcastle and scientist at the Hunter Medical Research Institute how significant steps have been made in treatment of metastatic renal cell carcinoma. He highlighted recent studies such as METEOR, a study of a VEGFR/MET inhibitor Cabozanitnib which showed superior efficacy over current treatments as well as highlighting the impressive increase in survival of over 6 months with Nivolumab, a checkpoint inhibitor compared to Everolimus. However despite the recent headline grabbing inroads with immune therapies, sadly the vast majority of patients with metastatic disease remain incurable. Challenges remain in understanding the heterogeneity of renal cell cancer and thus finding effective treatment - Aneta Suda.

Piet Ost

 Mid way through the conference I was given the opportunity to interview Pieton different aspects of his research. Piet and I discussed the role of hypofractionated radiation and its role in acting as an immune primer when given in combination with systemic therapy agents. We also discussed the challenges  of managing oligometastatic prostate cancer. Piet and his research team have recently completed accrual to the STOMP study  a randomised trial assessing stereotactic radiation in this setting. He shared with us a summary of the STOMP trial and his team’s current and future research plans for oligometastatic patients. If you were unlucky enough miss the ASM this year, this interview provides a summary of what he presented at the meeting and would be of interest to medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and urologists alike - Tanya Holt

John Oliffe

During the 2016 ASM I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Prof. John Oliffe about the work he is doing with the Men’s Health Research Group out of the University of British Columbia.  John has such an interesting perspective on men and health, the way we generally talk about men’s deficits as part of health, and the ways we can change the conversation to connect more effectively with men around their health.  He has done some wonderful work with military veterans to develop a recover from post-traumatic stress disorder that build on men’s strengths; this approach has also shown promise when used in groups of men with prostate cancer - Haryana Dhillion

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